• BitsMining is a virtual investment space in the cloud, there is no fee in the currency accepted by the government.

• We do not have a policy to pay or refund to become part of another government currency.

• The earnings on the web will be paid in dollars, not necessarily the withdrawals, which are always in cryptocurrencies.

• We do not accept any type of currency that the government accepts.

• We do not encourage distortion of the status of the crypto currency.

• We do not encourage using the currency to buy or trade on the web or necessarily to influence to attract members to it.

• Winnings are paid via cryptocurrency to all members without exception under any reason or circumstance.

• We do not make refunds under any reason of error made by the customer, the transactions are irreversible.

• We do not accept the misuse of sponsorship benefits, self-referral is prohibited. If abnormal behavior or multi-accounts is detected, your account will be banned without prior notice or claim.


• In the event of incorrectly filling in the withdrawal address, there is no pending claim.

• It is important that you keep your email and password details under your responsibility.

• We do not have a policy to return cryptocurrency under any other error reason.

• Cryptocurrency shipments are irreversible and the shipping addresses cannot be corrected, therefore we leave the correct use of it under your responsibility.

• We do not allow the change of email, this is personal and it is under your responsibility to remember the password.

• We do not guarantee immediate withdrawal within 72 hours, the system usually varies depending on the amount of unconfirmed transactions in the blockchain.

• We do not refund in case of wrong wallet address.

• We do not guarantee an instant update of the mining speed, as our system checks a queue of transactions every minute.

• We do not guarantee future increases or decreases in withdrawal fees or earnings. Subject to future market conditions.

• We do not encourage the use of your account on browsers with a non-private connection.

• We do not allow the use of more than one account, in the case of detecting an irregularity, we will suspend all accounts registered under the same IP, email, etc. Without any exception and canceling this contract.

• We do not guarantee any damage either due to change or delay of withdrawals in our system.

• We do not guarantee the return of GH / s. There is no refund for cryptocurrency or any currency in lieu of it..

• We do not guarantee the damage of decision or persuasion for the investment, the breach of the agreement made within the group or any representation of any group.


• The fact that you have registered means that you ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Also like this the terms that can change or be added to the future. There is a risk in the value of the digital currency and now the government has not accepted its value in physical goods, however, it is allowed to trade on different exchanges and exchange for currencies used by different governments. Therefore, those users who want to learn are not recommended to use these high-risk investments. The USERS who are not registered will not have access to the important data of the platform.


• The registration and investment agreement will be governed based on the terms and conformities offered by BitsMining.